What is mediBuzz

mediBuzz is a messaging app for the healthcare sector in the UK.

How do I join

Download mediBuzz for free, iOS here and Android here. Then pop in your details, find your friends and start messaging, it’s that easy.

My hospital / workplace isn’t in the list.

No problem, simply send us the name and a link to your hospital/workplace then we can add it to the list.

I can’t see my work colleagues / friends

Invite your friends and work colleagues to join you at mediBuzz if they aren’t already using the app.

Blocking/Reporting a user

Blocking/Reporting a user is an integral part of the app, to use this function view that person’s mediBuzz id and tap on block.

I’m changing my phone number.

We validate your mediBuzz account with a current phone number. If you change your phone number we cannot verify it with your old account, so any existing messages will be lost. So if you are planning on changing your phone number, please get in touch, we are working on ways that we may be able to help retain your messages.


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